Language is a family affair

The Dads are senior employees of international companies, the Moms are highly qualified and experienced individuals in their own right, and the children are at school or play school………yet all are working at improving their English.
Felix, the youngest member of these families, is three years old. It has been like the seeing the sun come out to witness his face as his confidence grows enough to use the English expressions he has been learning. At this age he is developing a skill which he will be able to build on, and rely on, for the rest of his life. 
At the other end of the spectrum, Francois, one of the Dads, has a good command of the language, but knows he needs even better skills, and wants to eliminate his existing accent – to have a neutral, internationally acceptable accent.
Two extremes – beginner level and accent modification – language is a wide-ranging set of skills that take us along the road of life, and strongly influences the destination!