Good communication is good business!

Khoshi makes furniture and other wooden items; even before his course ended, he put into practice some of his new found skills, and won a very profitable project, that he could deliver in a short time, by presenting his product line, prices and production time line very clearly and confidently. It immediately put R 12 000.00 in his pocket!
Peggy had in the past been resentful of the fact that she mostly ended up with hardly any profit on her lamp shade making jobs, as a result of being beaten down on price clients. Now, with what she has learnt about negotiating, she has been able to give the clients discounts, but still end up with what she wants to earn from a particular job. She is delighted!
Khoshi and Peggy have been attending the 24 hr course with Languageworks over a period of six weeks. They already had the skills to produce what they sell, as members of the Out of the Box community centre where they received training and support; now they also have the knowledge and confidence to go out and market their products.
Here are some members of the group after graduating last week.
May they prosper and have fun doing so!