More History of English Language

MODERN ENGLISH, that's what we call the language that was spoken in Britain between 1500 and 1800 AD.  Following on the changes to the Celtic that occurred as a result of the successive invasions by Romans, Germanic tribes and the French, the people of the British Isles continued to have contact with others around the world, influencing the language even further.

Many dramatic changes happend in this era - one of them was labelled The Great Vowel Shift!

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The History Of The English Language

English is the fastest growing language on the planet.  Althought it ranks second on the list of languages most spoken as mother tongue - after Mandarin Chinese, and ahead of Hindustani, Spanish and Russian - English has become the common language of the world.

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Language is a family affair

Three families from two different continents are showing us just how highly they rate the ability to speak good, internationally acceptable English. In both cases the whole family is benefitting from coaching with us.

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