About Us

Languageworks is committed to the development of successful communication skills for work, study and life applications.


Established in 1980, we have had vast experience in providing training in 12 languages and a wide variety of language-based interactive skills, ranging from Business Communication Skills, to English for Expats / Medical Practitioners / Trainers / Teachers / Technicians / Foreign Consultants and the like, to Basic  and Functional Literacy, Non-verbal Communication and specially-designed programmes for particular environments, groups and purposes.
We are a team of professional language-based communication skills trainers, who have been at the forefront of innovative developments in our industry in SA.
Owner-managed, we provide personalised service and needs-specific training, as well as management and measurement of our projects and ongoing development of our training team. 
Our training methods are based on international standards and trends, adapted for local needs. 
They incorporate sound learning principals and have been proven to work, while being enjoyable, flexible and relevant to the needs of the participants. 
Age appropriate and practical, our system is regularly reviewed and updated to incorporate the most effective material and information of our industry.
The ability to design, compile and adapt course content and delivery to the needs of the target group, is one of our particular strengths.


The Languageworks courses are presented in a variety of formats:
  • Private or semi-private coaching
  • Group training
  • Open groups, with individual enrolment
  • Skype-based sessions
  • CD & Book-based courses (to be launched soon)
  • E-learning for selected programmes
  • Community-centred courses
  • Courses designed for particular purposes
Where necessary a pre-training needs identification is conducted to ensure the most effective training is selected.  The progress of each trainee and group is monitored by our management to ensure that the targeted results are achieved, and successful participants are issued with certificates confirming their achievements.

Some of our exceptional achievements have included:

  • The first Immersion Language Courses in South Africa, enabling people to establish the foundation skills in a language in two weeks of practical, enjoyable live-in training;
  • World Languages in Transit for airport staff handling visitors to the World Cup Football in 2010; 
  • English language Literacy for individuals who were completely illiterate in even their mother tongues;
  • JOLT – Job Orientated Language and Literacy Training for those in labour or industrial-type positions;
  • English for Supervisors in industrial environments;
  • Business Communications Skills – a comprehensive, graded language based programme for while-collar employees of commercial institutions such as banks and insurance companies, including a wide spectrum of speaking, understanding, reading, writing applications;
  • English in the SA Context, designed especially for Expats resident in SA, covering not only language but a broad base of information useful to non- South Africans living here for the first time.
We have worked with most of South Africa’s blue-chip companies, non-profit and community based organisations, as well as private individuals from all walks of life.  
Some of our clients include:
Languageworks provides the catalyst to achievement,
through effective communication.